All natural hippie

Last month, i read the label on my shampoo and decided to google some ingredients that i don’t really know about. It surprised me because there are a lot of harmful chemicals in my shampoo. I have a hairloss problem and some of the chemicals in my shampoo caused the hairloss problem. There are actually some bald spot in my hair that i can conceal with hairstyling. But deep down, i know something is wrong.
After that, i cut off shampoo entirely and switched to aloe vera. I have aloe vera in my garden, so i can use them whenever i want. I mix aloe vera gel with lemon juice to control the oil on my scalp. I rub the mixture on my scalp, wait a few minutes and rinse. It works wonders on my scalp. My hair is stronger, cleaner, fresher, and it is back to its natural brown ish color and wavy texture.
At this rate, i am planning to switch to all natural soap but i haven’t found the correct recipe for my skin. For now, i use an eco friendly soap. I also cut off facial wash and switch to apple cider vinegar to clean my face.
By doing these things, i am more determined to live a healthy life. I drink fruit and vegetable juices, eat raw food, and exercise more regularly. I think my body is taking it well because i manage to cut off my allergy medication and rely on honey for allergy treatment –surprise, surprise, my raw honey works better than my 100$ medication.
Not trying to be a hippie or something, but i urge you to go all natural and eat healthy. Your body will thank you and it also saves a lot of money.


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