What to do with scrap yarns

I was very obsessed with knitting socks that i bought several skeins of sock yarns. After i made couples of small socks for my nephews and nieces, there are still a lot of yarn left.


After i browsed ravelry, i found a project from tinyowlknits, it’s called the beekeeper’s quilt, and it is designed for leftover yarns. Because i was too broke to buy the pattern, i gotta figure out the pattern myself. Besides, making hexagon is not THAT hard. Figuring out the stitches to make the perfect hexagon IS the hard part.

And they turn out to be very fast and very easy to make. One hexipuff only takes up to 1 hour. I stuff them with my stash of stuffings, which i got for like 5k rupiah for 100 gr.


I started making the real thing yesterday (after days of experimenting)


I plan to assemble them like this (credits  to tinyowlknits)


And also credits to fukupac for this cute basket.


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