2 week no poo update

I forgot to take pictures of my hair before i showered, so no pics in this update. I tried to extend my washing cycle to once every 5 days. I washed my hair on monday and washed it again on saturday. It became super greasy. My hair become oily from the root to the tips. On last week’s update it was just greasy on the roots. Thankfully, i haven’t start college and most of my days are staying at home. Hopefully my hair wi regain its balance on week 4 or 5.


1 week no poo update

I week into the no poo method, my hair is still in transition and my scalp is kinda figuring out how much sebum it should produce. One thing i notice is, my scalp is not itchy anymore, eventhough it’s very greasy, and my hair become wavier.


I haven’t washed my hair for 4 days and this is how greasy it become. It’s greasy, but it’s not smelly and not itchy. I actually feel that my hair is thicker and it is also smoother. I usually  carry my detangling brush everywhere, because my hair get tangeld easily, and ever since i use the no poo method, my hair never tangles anymore.


My bangs are straight as a stick, but notice how wavy it become.

Redescovering Passion

I love graphic design, especially typography. For me, fonts have their own characteristic and beauty. I even compiled my favorite fonts in a folder.
So, i decided to dive deeper in the sophisticated world of typography by learning hand lettering. I combined some of my favorite fonts. Enjoy!


No-shampoo experiment

Have you ever heard of the no poo shampoo? I recently browsed the web for an alternative shampoo, because my hair is breaking like crazy and i think it’s because of the chemicals from my shampoo and conditioner. Instead, i found this no poo shampoo as a save alternstive to remove chemicals from your hair. It is very easy and cheap. I’m planning to go no poo for a month to see if it works. I’m gonna post an update here.

What to do with scrap yarns

I was very obsessed with knitting socks that i bought several skeins of sock yarns. After i made couples of small socks for my nephews and nieces, there are still a lot of yarn left.


After i browsed ravelry, i found a project from tinyowlknits, it’s called the beekeeper’s quilt, and it is designed for leftover yarns. Because i was too broke to buy the pattern, i gotta figure out the pattern myself. Besides, making hexagon is not THAT hard. Figuring out the stitches to make the perfect hexagon IS the hard part.

And they turn out to be very fast and very easy to make. One hexipuff only takes up to 1 hour. I stuff them with my stash of stuffings, which i got for like 5k rupiah for 100 gr.


I started making the real thing yesterday (after days of experimenting)


I plan to assemble them like this (credits  to tinyowlknits)


And also credits to fukupac for this cute basket.